Introduction: Foxy Cosplay Mask

Today I will be teaching you to make your very own Foxy mask from the popular horror game Five Nights At Freddy's!

Step 1: What You're Gonna Need

Here is what I used to make the mask:

•A wolf/fox mask
•Orangish red paint (a very bright orange)
•Baige paint (with some white)
•white paint
•gold paint
•a plastic eyepatch
•a plastic or metal hook (depends if you wanna lose an eye or nah)

•glow in the dark paint (optional)

Step 2: Where to Find Everything

The mask itself can probably be found at a party store, or costume store, I found mine at Party City.
The eyepatch can also be found at a party/costume store.
The hook depends. If it's plastic, you're probably gonna find it with a pirate costume. If it's metal, then probably a hardware store.
The paint can be found a a paint store, or any place that sells paint.

Step 3: Foxy's "Broken" Jaw

If you honestly wanna go with a broken jaw for the damaged motive, then just pull down the jaw of the mask until it snaps. Not snap off, but breaks so it's.....flimsy

Step 4: Painting the Mask

The mask itself will be a little tricky to paint. First off, you're going to need a picture of Foxy, or his head at least, to help with the painting. So pretty much paint everything but the muzzle and teeth a bright orange. Then paint the muzzle with the baige, and mix in a bit of white. Then wait for the paint to dry, then add a second coat is needed. With the teeth, just paint it white, and leave whatever teeth you want uncovered for the gold teeth. ( Ya know, pirate motive) then glow in the dark paint (if wanted) on the nose, and once dry, on the teeth. Remember, that is optional and can go anywhere. It's your choice

Step 5: The Outcome

So that is how it turned out for me, but I kinda forgot to paint the teeth. And plus, gold paint is expensive. Hehe.