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I'm a student in 10th grade from Monterrey, Mexico and I attend to the American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM).

This project is a cool DIY you can have you or your students can do with supervision.


- A photo frame

- Two plastic bottles

- Sharpie

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun

- 3 pieces of colored paper

- Tape

Step 1: Cut the Paper to Your Frame's Size

- You will need to get a colored paper and place it in the frame

- With your nail create a fold with the sides of a frame to get the size

- Cut the folded pieces of the paper

- Close the frame with the colored paper inside

Step 2: Add a Pattern or Drawing to the Frame

You will need to:

- Think of a pattern or drawing

- Get a sharpie and draw the pattern carefully

Step 3: Cutting the Plastic Bottles

You will need to:

- Get a pair of scissors

- Measure your bottle where you can cut 1/4 of it

- Carefully cut the bottle (If a student is doing it, have supervision)

Step 4: Wrap the Bottles in a Colored Paper

You will need to:

- Wrap the bottles in a paper

- Cut the paper where you can see the edge of the bottles

- Have enough space to wrap a bit in the back

Step 5: Tape the Paper to the Bottles

You will need to:

- Cut enough tape to place it in the bottles

- Tape the side and the back of the bottles

Step 6: Add Glue to the Back of the Bottle

You will need to:

- Heat up your glue gun

- Add sufficient glue to hold the bottle onto the frame

* Have supervision in these steps*

Step 7: Paste the Bottles Onto the Frame

You will need to:

- Have the bottles ready with the glue on them

- Paste the bottles one by one with enough space on the frame

- Hold the bottles in place for about 30 seconds so it can dry

Step 8: Adding the Materials to the Bottles

Once you place the materials you want to organize, you can:

- Hang the frame on a wall

- Stand the frame somewhere

Thanks for viewing my project!!

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