Introduction: Frame Volcano Drag System (VDS)

Hello everybody

My name is Cyriel van der Meer. I'm a student at Howest University College West Flanders.

I'm learning to become an Industrial Product Designer.

So for the course Design & Prototyping, I sitted in a group together with Jordy Van Hoegaerden and Arthur Lorré.

The subject was Fire, do something with fire for the company Boldking, who organizing in small festivals.

It was a nice project to work on, met new people, learning new things, new experiences and opinions.

I like that.

I hope you to so I hope you enjoy this instructable for making The Frame Volcano Drag System (VDS).

Step 1: Vision

Our vision was connecting people. We accomplish this by making a deadride-system over an whole area of stand-tables. If you have trouble with speaking to someone for the first time face to face then you can go to The Volcano Drag. You have to climb in it so you have access to all the deadrides.

Write your message, put it in a tealight holder (see instructable Arthur Lorré) and sent it to the table were that one person is were you want to connect with.

Step 2: Construction Frame

To transport the hole installation, you can use a mini-truck.




Tube (1) Ø50,8 x 1,5 mm 1,82 kg/m 25 m

Tube (2) Ø40 x 2 mm 1,87 kg/m 30 m

Rope (stairs) Ø14 mm 67 g/m Minimum 31 m

Rope (floor) Ø6 mm 17 g/m 10 m


The frame exist out of 7 different tubes. These tubes will glyde in step bye step.

We start with the tubes that come to lie on the ground. On the picture you can see how they look. On the left side shows a narrowing of the tube, so that the components easily may slide into each other. We use here, there are six of to form a circle. Now we have everything positioned correctly, then we can use a new type of pipe (straight pipe this time) and we stabbing it in these holes so we get the circle. This is unable to come off in the longitudinal direction.

In order to obtain the full frame, this one has to do with 3 more times over the
other components (from small to large). So you build on three floors.

The inner circle will serve as a suspension system for the ropes to the
tables, as well as safety. So people can not fall.

The houses:
On the above image to see all holes in the frame. These are made so that ropes can through it. These ropes are attached to the structure (ie in circles). As a result, the structure is even stronger (basically spring system trampoline). Besides the ropes also have the function that the persons entering the volcano it can climb through them to hold on to these ropes. The top of the frame (ring, see illustration above) serves to hang on nylon wires. This site therefore the connections made with the surrounding tables (previously mentioned).

The inside:
We use mainly two materials, steel and rope. Going to the inside we just continue alignment on the second floor of the frame. This site is a woven mat, thick rope fastened to the floor where people come to be when they climbed the volcano.

The rope on the image does not have the same thickness that we use in reality (6 mm), but it shows the principle. The rope is tied in all directions around the circular frame until you obtain a stable and safe surface.

Step 3: Roadmap/steps

In this step we give you in chronological order how to build up the frame (via colors from the left to the right).

So you can see in with fases go get to your goal.

Step 4: Technical Drawings