Introduction: Mc Donalds Soupe or Dessert Cup

Hello everybody

I am a student at Howest University College West-Flanders and for te course creativity, we had to make something special of corrugated cardboard.

Give a bock a new function.

Well, in holland we like soupe, a lot of soupe so every time when I go to the Mc Donalds I was wondering why they didn't serve any soupe.

So for this project I made a soupe/Ice-cream cup that isolates the heat or cold. So you can enjoy it for a longer time without even burning or freezing your hands.

I hope you will enjoy because I enjoyed it to.

Cyriel van der Meer (second year Industrial Product Design)

Step 1: What Do You Need

What do you need:

- Mc Donalds burgerbox

- Plastic cup of Tesco Coleslaw (or another plastic cup that fits in the burgerbox)

- toilet paper ( isolator = keep the cold inside or when you are drinking soupe the warmed inside)

- plastic spoon

- Ice-cream for in the Mc Donalds cup

- a snife

- a lat

-a pen

Step 2: Where to Cut

The Mc. Donalds cup is on top 120 at 110mm

The Tesco Coleslaw cup is 90 at 90mm (make sure you have an edge where the cup can lay on)

So what you need to do is to get the distances symmetric, so you do:

120 - 90 = 30

30/2 = 15mm form the edge of the Mc Donalds cup to the edge of the Coleslaw cup. (width)

110 - 90 = 20

20/2 = 10mm from the edge of the McDonalds cup to the edge of the Coleslaw cup. (length)

See picture for more information (you see the line of the measurement).

Than when you have you measurement, you can cut it out with a snife.

See also in the pictures that the plastic cup fits perfectly after cutting.

Step 3: Put the Isolation in It

What you have to do for the getting your isolation is to put toilet paper in the Mc Donalds box.

That is the cheapest way to do and a very good result.

After that put some Icecream in it


some soupe

so you can enjoy your drink/ice for a very long time.

Thanks for watching.