Introduction: Framing Art Cheaply

In this instructable, you will be able to create an artistic frame to frame a picture or a painting. The instructions for creating this artistic frame are fairly simple, but they can be a bit confusing and you might need a second hand on some of the steps.

Warning: you use multiple wooden branches while creating this frame. So make sure to wear some sort of protective gloves so you do not get any splinters.

Wooden branches A frame (size does not matter) Glue gun and glue sticks String (not too thick) Fake flowers Scissors Gardening gloves Ruler

Step 1: Measuring the Length and Width of the Frame and Length of Branches.

  • Measure the length and width of the frame using a ruler or measuring tape
  • Measure a bunch of wooden branched to match the length and width of the frame. (6-8 branches for each side of the frame)

Step 2: Tieing the Branches Together

  • Using a string (7-10 inches), tie the 6-8 branches together from both ends so they are secure. You can use any tie technique

Step 3: Connecting the Branches to the Frame

  • Take the frame apart and only have the sides of the frame without the glass cover.
  • Tie the wooden branches to the frame (make sure to not over due on the sting so the glass cover can fit). Do that to all 4 sides.

Note: When using the string to tie down the branches to the frame, make sure it is not too thick because it can block off the space for the glass cover.

Step 4: Adding the Flowers on the Frame

  • Get the plastic flowers and cut them from the stem.

Note: When cutting the flowers of the stem, leave about an inch of the stem connected to the flower.

  • Hot glue the flowers to the branches in any style you want (Be creative). you can put a variety of flowers and colors.
  • Use the stem left on the flower to glue the flower on the branches.

Step 5: Putting Everything Together

  • Place the glass cover back in the frame and you have yourself a custom picture frame.