Introduction: Frankenstein's Bounty

This is an optical illusion costume. We named it Frankenstein's bounty because it looks like a mini Frankenstein is carrying her away. So what do you think - is she standing or sitting? It looks like she is sitting but she is actually standing. 
It is a very easy costume to make and requires very little effort. 

Materials - 
For the Board - 
1 Foam board  (we used a discarded one)
1 plastic table cover (found in dollar stores)
duct tape, scissors

For the fake legs
1 pant - same size as the child's size
1 (old)panty hose 
1 pair of socks 
polyester stuffing (found in a craft store)

For the mini Frankenstein
1 kid sized full sleeved shirt 
1 kid sized full pant
1 pair of gloves
Frankenstein mask

Make the board - cut a hole on the foam board the size of the child's hips. The hole should towards the back of the board so that there is enough space for the fake legs to be on it. Cover it with the table cover and cut a hole in the cover the same size as the hole on the foam board. 

Make the fake legs - stuff the pantyhose with the stuffing. put pants and socks on the fake legs. 

Make mini Frankenstein - Sew the mask on to the neck of the full sleeved shirt. Sew the gloves on the full sleeved shirt. Stuff the hands of the shirt. Sew the rim of the pants to the bottom rim of the shirt (it should like a one piece clothing). Cut the neck of the shirt to fit tightly around the hips of the child. 

Put it together - Attach  the mini Frankenstein to the foam board near the hole that was cut out. Attach the hands to the board with duct tape. The child goes in through the hole in the board and through the neck of the shirt and through the pants. Now attach the fake legs to kid's shirt using safety pins. Voila the costume is ready. To make the costume sturdier, attach the back of the mini-Frankenstein's shirt to the board using duct tape (after the kid is wearing is wearing the costume). 

We made it with things we had around the house. The only item we bought was Frankenstein mask from dollar tree!

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