Introduction: Frank's Water Rocket Overview and Demonstration

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This isn't about the dime store water rocket you had as a kid. ♦♦♦

These are high power, high pressure, high flying rockets which hint towards adult supervision.

This is a guide full of useful information and demonstration of high flying water rockets in action.

Frank will show us several different types of water rockets he has made using two different launch platforms. You will see Backslider rockets, the Coney, learn about the Tomey Timer parachutes, bouncy tips and more. Launch after Launch even with slow motion you can see how fast these rockets really are. If you blink, you will miss it!

There are numerous instructables on the subject of building rockets already, and I will provide links to some really good internet resources on the rockets shown.

Step 1: The Video

Step 2: Water, Mount, Air, Release

The rockets are powered with water and compressed air.
Frank uses two types of launch release pads, one has a guillotine release and the second has a trigger to release the garden hose quick connectors. They are filled partially with water and then locked onto the base of the launcher. He uses a SCUBA tank to fill the rockets and has a pressure gauge to show when to stop. The rockets have a cord that disengages each locking mechanism from a safe distance. Its a good idea to have the bases staked firmly in place so they don't fall over during the launch sequence.

Step 3: The Rockets

Here are a few of the water rockets Frank brought out.

First is a rocket made from the polycarbonate covering for a fluorescent light bulb. They are reinforced with a fiberglass tape. You can see it landed on it's tip and will have to be shortened.
Next is one that won't have that problem. It BOUNCES!
The Coney comes next - made from wrapping paper around a bit of styrofoam filler and extending the fins behind the bottle fuel tank.
Lastly is what frank thinks is a great beginner rocket - thanks to Smart Water's tough design. The bottle rocket comes almost ready to go. Fins and a bouncy nose cone finish it off quickly.

Step 4: The References

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