Introduction: Free Indestructalbe Easel for Any Sized Canvas

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I usually paint really large canvasses, so i have hooks in my carport to paint outside, but when my ex moved out I had an empty room and it's winter so I needed to make an easel to paint on. I was going to instal more hooks in the room but it has concrete walls, and I stumbled upon this brilliancy by accident.

I have a flimsy easel, but its only good for little things, since it's not wide enough at the top, nor low enough for 4, 5 or 6 foot canvases.
My ex had left two dressers in the room that we had found on the street over the years (this was his office). I was going to install hooks on the back of them, but then it occured to me, how a dresser, is just an Easel in disguise!!! 

I stacked the two dressers and opened the bottom drawer. Finished. Pick a Drawer, open it, Perfect easel. Just tie the canvas around the back and you are good to go with any large size you want, any height you want!. I have worked 6x3' and 4' works like a dream. The lip on the drawer keeps the canvas from slipping too.

If you have a smaller canvas, just get a couple sticks of wood, and slip them in the area between the two dressers, of cut them off and put them on an angle in the drawer. As a bonus you can store all your supplies in the drawers and it's a whole studio.

Some plastic bags, or a tarp will protect your dressers if you want to save them for other things.

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