Introduction: Free Money Prank

Who can pass by free money lying on the ground?

Step 1: Prepare for Fun!

For this prank you will need several coins, and….glue!

I remember as a child going to the store with a few coins, and buying “penny” candy. If we saw a shinny penny on the ground, it was worth the trouble to bend over, and pick it up. One penny would buy two small pieces of candy at a small food store that was only a few blocks from our house. Since we only had one (and later two!) cars, we would usually just walk to the store. Why would anyone drive to a store just two blocks from their house? Inflation of our currency has ended “penny” candy sales, and we now drive our cars to the nearest store, two miles from home, and wonder why we are all overweight.

I still bend over to pick up coins, but never for less than a dime. Nickels may be picked up by someone younger and more flexible, but copper pennies lying on the ground are ignored by everyone. For this prank, try using a few coins which includes at least one quarter. Two quarters will buy a generic soft drink, or maybe a small candy bar, so they will attract interest.

Select your glue. How permanent do you want this prank to be? Do you own the sidewalk or driveway? For a temporary prank choose used chewing gum, the wall putty that hangs children’s drawings on walls, or the clear stickers that are sold with plastic wall hooks. For a more solid selection near a power outlet consider hot glue. It can be pried off cement surfaces, but will have good adhesion during your prank. If this is to be a long-term prank, cautiously consider more permanent selections like super glue.

Step 2: Pick Your Prank Location.

This prank can be done any place, indoors or out. Put the coins in a crowded school hallway. Glue them to the sidewalk on a public street. Put them on a walkway near a business’s front door. Regardless of location, chose a location that also has a nearby “hide” for you to snicker quietly. If you have a boring cashier job selling soft drinks and candy at a convince store, glue the coins on the ground outside your window. Glue them on the floor below the drink machines in a break area, to add some break time entertainment to your lunch. Leave them on the sidewalk outside the college psychology building, to use as a continuing social science experiment. Be sure and ask permission of the owners of the flooring/cement, particularly if you choose permanent glue. Glue the coins to the floor, when no one is watching.

Step 3: Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

How many people will bend over to get the coins? How many will pass up the opportunity to get free money? The real fun begins, when someone gets REALLY determined to remove the stuck coins!

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