Introduction: Free&Warm Blood


I think skateboarding is "the coolest sport in the world". It is not a simple sport, but a culture, and I think skateboarding culture is very similar to hip hop culture. Both of them pursue freedom and are not bound. Both of them are full of youthful spirit, so I decorated the skateboard with a very youthful picture. I think skateboarding can make people younger and more energetic.

Step 1: Make the Board


First of all, I made this board. And decorated with this very youthful picture.

Step 2: Make the Wheel


Then I made the skateboard wheel and still rendered it with that picture.

Step 3: Make the Connection


Finally, I connected the wheel to the board with a stable device.

Step 4: Concept


I don't think the road of skateboarding will be smooth and there will be twists and turns to reach my goal, so I drew a curve under the skateboard to represent the difficulties on the road of skateboarding, but I can always overcome it.

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