Introduction: Freezer Pop Holder

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Keep little hands warm this summer with this SUPER simple freezer pop holder! With adult supervision, kids can do this! It's THAT easy!


Scrap piece of fleece, felt, or velour

Sewing machine or hand needle and thread

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Step 1: Cut Your Material

Measure a 2"x8" rectangle and cut it.

Step 2: Fold and Sew

Fold it in half so short sides are together. This can be either right sides together (as shown here) or wrong sides together. Sew up the long sides. Trim excess thread.

*Note: If sewing wrong sides together, YOU'RE FINISHED!

Step 3: Turn Out

If you sewed right sides together, turn it out so the right sides are on the outside. You're finished! Insert your freezer pop and enjoy!

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