Introduction: French Baguettes

What You Will Need.

Scale to measure

Mixer with Dough Hook attachment

Lean or Plastic Container with lid

Non-Stick Spray

Baguette Tray or Baking Sheet

Bench Cutter for Cutting Dough

Step 1: Ingredients


5 lbs All Purpose Flour

6.5 lbs Lukewarm Water

45 Grams Yeast

4 oz. Salt

Step 2: Mixing

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

In a Bowl Fitted with a Dough Hook

Add Luke warm water and yeast and mix until well dissolved on speed 1.

Approx. 3 mins.

This Activates the yeast so it's important to unsure the yeast is fully incorporated with the water.

Step 3: Mixing Step 2

Next You will Add Flour and Salt and Mix on Speed 1 for 5 mins

and Then Speed 2 for another 5 mins

the slow mix followed by a medium speed mix helps develop the gluten structure for the final product.

There is no need to rush this step.

Step 4: Prepare Container

Using Non-stick Spray spray a Lidded Container to place your dough.

Take dough out of bowl and place in Greased Container.

try your best to avoid ripping the dough as this can damage the gluten structure.

Step 5: Folding

The folds will be done as shown every 20 minutes for an hour.

The folds will begin with the side of the dough farthest in front of you, followed by the closest and then the left and right sides. allow the dough to stretch over completely to develop structure

They will be done the same way a total of 3 times.

Step 6: Proofing

After the Four folds allow Dough to proof for an hour prior to Make-up.

Step 7: Make-up

On a Floured Surface Place dough.

Cut dough into even 16 oz. loaves.

Allow a few minutes of rest before rolling into desired shape.

When rolling Baguettes ensure the first step in making the seam of the baguette is repeated to ensure a complete strong seam. apply pressure evenly to ensure consistency in shape and thickness

After Baguettes are rolled out, place them on a sprayed baking sheets or baguette pan.

Step 8: Proof

Allow Shaped Baguettes to proof for another hour.

This will develop a good shape for baguettes prior to going in the oven.

Step 9: Scoring Your Baguettes

With the blade Score Baguettes as shown with a slight horizontal and overlapping appearance. allow a clean cut by applying little to no pressure.

Step 10: Bake

Place Baguettes in the preheated oven and allow to bake for approx. 18 mins or until golden in color.

Rotate if needed for even baking.

Step 11: Enjoy

Enjoy your Baguettes

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