Introduction: French Delivery Boat

In this Instructable, we will be showing you how we built out cardboard boat that was assigned in out physics classroom. This theme is In-N-Out, and is called French Delivery.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the size of the boat by sitting in it

Step 2: Tape

Start taping the bottom base of the boat. Keep in mind that this is going to have more layers of cardboard and duct tape. Also, when taping, make sure that the tape is flat on the cardboard and that there are no bubbles in it. This will prevent water from going into the holes and leaking the boat.

Step 3: Sides of the Boat

Now, measure the sides of the boat. Stand it up on the base of the boat if needed to

Step 4: Cut

Afterwards, cut all the sides of the boat out

Step 5: Tape Again

Now, tape every piece of the sides, front and back. Keep in mind that this is going to be layered as well.

Step 6: Shaping the Boat

Next, put everything together so that the boat can come to life. Use duct tape to secure down all the sides and edges of the boat . We will be layering this as well.

Step 7: Adding Layers

Cut out replicas of each piece of the boat besides the top triangle. At the end, each sides and the base will have 3 layers in total.

Step 8: Layer of Tape

Now keep adding duct tape and cardboard layers to the boat. It is best if you do the pattern on cardboard, duct tape, cardboard, duct tape, etc. for the bottom base. For the sides, it is fine to put two layers and tape all of them at once with the third layer that is secured onto the boat.

Step 9: Decorate

Once you have established putting on the layers, decorate the boat with a nice theme with colored duct tape. This additional decorative duct tape should help securing the boat even more, making it more water proof.

Step 10: Decorate 2

If your are using paper to decorate, use clear tape to cover the paper so that it doesn't get wet and to put it onto the boat, use duct tape.

Step 11: Go Have Fun

Once the boat is entirely finished, go and test it out in the water. This is our finished product.