Introduction: French Macaron Ornaments

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Here is another trash-into-treasure project from the depths of my kitchen drawer! I was cleaning the drawer out the other day and saw that a water bottle cap was trapped between two beer bottle caps. I instantly thought, "SANDWICH COOKIE!" If you make these, you can skip the entire water bottle cap bit, but I like using it because it gives it more cookie filling dimension.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need

  • beer or pop bottle caps (metal)
  • water bottle caps (plastic)
  • paint primer
  • acrylic paint or spray paint
  • thick string
  • hot glue gun with glue
  • coloured glitter
  • paintbrushes

*Tip: In order to keep the metal bottle caps looking straight without dents, I take them off the bottle little by little along the edges with a bottle cap opener. If you do it hard in one go, you'll probably leave a dent.

Step 2: Painting the Metal Caps

You'll want to block out any of the designs on the metal caps, so give it a nice coat of any primer and let it dry. You can also just use coloured 2-in-1 primer and colour spray paint if you have it.

Coat them in a couple thick layers of coloured acrylic paint, otherwise. Let dry.

Step 3: Cookie Assembly

If your plastic bottle caps are a bit on the large side, cut a tiny triangular wedge out the side so it can squeeze its way into the metal bottle cap.

Loop some string to make the ornament hanger.

Hot glue the knotted end of the string loop into the center of a plastic bottle cap.

Hot glue the plastic cap into a metal cap.

Hot glue this into a matching metal cap. You have a sandwich cookie!

Step 4: Enhance the Creamy Filling

You can leave the cookie alone and expose the white as its filling, but I like the macaron filling to match the cookie. Make a mini pile of glitter in lid or a dish. Add a small line of hot glue into the opening of the cookie where the plastic cap is exposed. Dip into glitter. Repeat until you get all the way around the cookie. I did it in quarters.

Use a clean, dry paintbrush to dust off any excess glitter off the metal cap areas.

Step 5: Repeat- Don't Eat!

Repeat making all the sandwiches! Hang and enjoy.

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