Introduction: 82p Fresh Healthish Pizza From Puff Pastry!

For the base you need:
Homemade puff pastry (or shop bought to save

For the base source you need:
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Dried Basil
Sugar (to add to taste)
Pepper and Salt (to add to taste)
Fresh Basil

For the topping you need:
Cheddar Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Large Fresh Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Spring Onions
(and any other ingredients you may need)

Make the base first so it has time to reduce. In a saucepan fry the garlic, and then when it
has browned a bit add the tin of shopped tomatoes, some dried basil and a little bit of salt and pepper.

As time goes on and you have chopped your other ingredients for the topping you can taste it and add salt, pepper and sugar. When it is too taste add your fresh basil for it to add a nice fresh flavour. Set on a heat so that the sauce simmers away.

You can leave this on while you chop the rest of the ingredients as it needs to reduce to a wet paste consistency, approx. 15 - 30 minutes depending how wet your chopped tomatoes are.

For the toppings, wash and chop them all so they are ready to go on. Also grate your cheddar and parmesan.
With your puff pastry score your pastry round anedge so you have a crust and prick with a fork the inside where the source will sit so it will not rise up.

Part-bake the pastry so you don't have a soggy bottom at about 200 degrees celsius for around 8 minutes. Take the source off the heat so it will cool down a bit before adding.
When the pastry is part baked take out the puff pastry and laver on the source so that it covers the base, add all your toppings and put back in the oven for around another 15 minutes to cook yourtoppings.
Take out, slice and enjoy with some salad!

Step 1: Pricing

Makes 4 Servings:

1 Roll of Puff Pastry (350mm x 230mm) £1.50
Tin of Chopped Tomatoes (400g) £0.34
Clove of Garlic £0.03
Fresh Basil (2 Leaves) £0.10
Cheddar Cheese (200g) £1.25
Large Tomato £0.06

(Other toppings add at own cost)

Around 82p per a Serving

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