Introduction: Friendship Bracelet Wrapped Cords!

This is a quick 'ible showing how to use the same braiding effect as a friendship bracelet to coat a cord in embroidery floss for a really cool look on your headphone cord.

To start off, measure a length of floss around 3 times longer than your cord.  When i cut my floss to length, i went wayyyy too short so keep it as long as possible.  There are several sections in my braid where i had to tie on more string to my existing strands to keep it going.  Tie your strands off at one side of your cable, the y splitter, or the 3.5 mm jack with a few simple knots. (i started on the end that connects to my headphones because it's a single cord without a splitter)

Now, if you've made these simple bracelets before, you probably know what to do from here, just start braiding away, but instead of using the other colors as the center to braid around, you use the headphone cord and the other strands of color.

For those of you who are new to the concept, look at the pictures to see how to make a stitch.  Ill try to explain in words as well:

1. make sure that your cord can be taught the entire time...I suggest pulling one end with your two hands while you're stitching and put the other end in your mouth to hold.  
2. Take one strand from the group and separate it from the other strands and the cord. (make sure the other strands are still taught with the cord)
3. Make a "4" shape going over and perpendicular to the other strands and cord.
4. Now take the end of that strand and bring it back under the cord and other strands and up through the small loop you've created by bringing the strand over the cord in the first place.
5. pull the end that you've threaded through taught in the direction you made the first pass.  So, if you went from the left to the right side while bringing the strand over the first time, pull right, and tighten the stitch.
6. rinse, wash and repeat!

Don't get disheartened! although each stitch may look small and measly, once you get going and get a rhythm down, it'll seem like no time at all before you've covered a lot of distance!

Once your chord starts getting shorter, you can either tie on new string to the existing strands, or tie them off with a few simple knots and/or tape over the end to make sure it will never unravel as i did on my cord.

That's it for this instructable!  Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to post! :)