Introduction: Frog Key Chains

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Here's a simple frog key chain. Hope You like it :P

I tried to make the frog as simple as possible so as easy to replicate,


You Will Need:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Eye screw pins
  • Polymerclay (SuperSculpy Original)
  • Various tools
  • Keyring
  • Open Jump Rings

Step 1: Make the Body

  1. Roll a piece of clay out approx 2 cm
  2. Shape into thumb like shape (see above picture)

Step 2: Details

  1. Roll 2 thin snakes of clay for the ridges of the eyes
  2. Attach to thin end
  3. Smooth with a ball dotting tools and your finger

Step 3: Back Legs

  1. Roll a snake of clay an appropriate thickness to the body
  2. Shape 2 of similar length into a 'S' Shape and a backwards 'S' shape
  3. Attach to the back of the body

Step 4: Front Legs

  1. Make 2 more snakes of clay same thickness as the back
  2. Attach to the front propping the frog up

Step 5: The Eyes

  1. Using a Large dotting tool make a hole for the eyes
  2. Make a ball of clay the size you want the eyes to be
  3. Attach the eyes by pressing in the hole

Step 6: Feet!

  1. Using your finger and thumb flatten the end of the legs to create the feet
  2. Smooth the feet
  3. Using a Knife if cutting tool Cut twice to make the toes

Step 7: Finish and Bake

  1. Push the eye screw pin into the back of the frog
  2. Then Bake according to the instructions on your clay

Step 8: Paint

  1. Use a dark-ish green paint water down to paint the back
  2. Use a lighter green paint for the underside

Using a water down paint makes the frog slightly translucent.

Step 9: The Eyes

  1. Use the yellow paint to paint the eyes
  2. use black to add the pupils

Step 10: Glaze

  1. When dry apply glaze according to the bottle
  2. Glaze the back allow to dry
  3. Glaze under and allow to dry
  4. When completely dry add the key chain (Key ring and open jump rings)

Step 11: Finished Key Chain

These are so simple to make i made a bunch and painted them different colours.

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