Introduction: Frog Tape Tree of Life

I once saw some awesome paintings that used duct tape. But when I tried using duct tape and similar very sticky tapes, I found it pretty close to impossible to do.

SO enter Frog Tape (or basically any painters tape). It is easy to use, doesn't stick to your fingers, doesnt rip paper, stays on, looks nice, basically everything you could ask for in a tape, besides the fact it is removable.

So in this Instructable (my first one) , I'll show you how to make a Tree of Life painting out of Frog Tape

Step 1: Gather Materials

This part is a no brainer. Basically 5 Simple items:

Frog (or any painters) Tape - Free/On hand

Pencils - Free/On hand

Paper - Free/On hand

Printed Design from Web - Free/On hand

Pen (anything works) - Free/On hand

All in all, this project cost me nothing and I ended up with a something pretty cool.

If you don't have all of the materials listed, you could probably get everything brand new for under $10.

Step 2: Copying/Tracing the Design

Now that you've gathered all of you materials its time to copy/outline the clean sheet of paper (for the painting) with pen.

1) Tape the outline out of the tree to a hard surface.

2) Center the clean sheet over the outline.

3) Tape the clean sheet directly on top of the outline.

4) Grab your pencil (or pen) and sketch out the outline.

Obviously my outline is far from perfect, it took around 45 minutes to do with all those errors. Using a flashlight/phone to shine light on it may help to see the outline.

Step 3: Color in the Tree

Color in the tree, not the leaves. You can also swap it and color the leaves and leave the tree blank.

I'm coloring/marking my leaves, and putting tape on the tree.

Step 4: Trim the Tree (Optional)

You don't have to do this, but I thought it looked nicer so I got a paper cutter and sliced it to a smaller size.

This whole thing turned out pretty awesome in my opinion, it took around 4 hours or so.....but the end result is worth it.

Enjoy your cheap, but really great looking piece of art!

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