Introduction: From Airplane to Catermaran

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Give new life to broken R/C airplane by making it into a boat.

Step 1: What to Start With.

1. Two 1 liter pop bottles.I used 2 liter bottles because I didn't have any 1 liter bottles. One liter bottles are much better because they have less mass and weight.
2. Yellow Bee R/C airplane from Harbor Freight. ( I'm assuming that yours has crashed like mine did.
3. A 4M bottle catermaran kit. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for about 10 bucks.

Step 2: Put Her Together

First of put your kit together. With this design you can do pretty much what ever you want. As you can see I screwed the motor chassis to the back of the bottles. I did add some tape to the back of them to keep them from hitting the bottles. Make sure you get the direction that the motors blow correct. Remember that these are pusher props. If you get them crossed them they will blow your boat the opposite way you want it to go.
I taped.the breadboard to the top center with electric tape. I ran the antenna almost all the way around the boat to give the best area. I left the charge cord hanging down , but you can put it any where you want. Note: I taped the battery to the cover of the battery case for the center motor. This way when the batteries go dead for the center motor(and believe me they will go dead sooner than you think) you can just unscrew the cover and not have to cut the tape instead.

If you have any trouble, questions, or advise let me know!