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Whats more better than self grown organic crops that can bring to table?

To be able to get organic crop, with 100% sure without pesticides or any other chemical agent added, the best way is to grow our own home-grown crops. This is extremely challenging for people living in urban city apartment with no plot of land/ground to grow crops. But hey, here is a project that can realise this 'From Growing-pot to Cooking-pot'!!

Did a project combining - Hydroponic system + Aqua-Culture system + Air-Lift Technology;


- You know whats in the food you eat;

- Recycle + Reuse + Reduce of waste (Soda Bottles) into useful Grow Beds (Growing pots),

- Vertical Farming arrangement that saving foot print in limited space while "catch" more sunlight;

- Being able to use/install in high-rise apartment;

- Reduction of solar heat gain into indoor;

- Decoration as indoor green wall/space/curtain;

- Low water usage relatively compare to soil gardening;

- Low energy usage relatively compare to using water pump;

- Two possible resulting crops (Fish & Vegetables); and

- it is a SUSTAINABLE System;

- Most importantly, we eat with 100% sure that theres no pesticide or any other chemical agent in our vegetables!

Growing-Pot (Grow-bed)

Below the video of the DIY Aquaponic Vertical Window Farming System with Air-Lift Pump, to grow the vegetables. The vegetables were harvested after 45 days of growth.

The last grow-bed was left to continue its growth to develop seeds for the next growing season.

Since it is grown with water, the vegetables is relatively much cleaner and easier to harvest from its media (LECA in this case) as oppose to soil gardening.

Click for the video >> Vertical Window Farming System

Cooking-Pot (All in one pot)

- Harvest the vegetable CaiXin with the root from the growing pot;

- Separate each leafs, and cut & discard away the roots;

- Place a cooking pot of water to boil and add seasonings;

- Add a handful of noodles and the washed vegetables into the cooking pot;

- Allow it to further boil for 3 minutes and is ready to be served!

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