Introduction: From T-shirt to Canvas

About: there's not much to say, i'm here because i love crafts and recycled stuff. i did several stuff for my homeplace and i thought it could be interesting to share my ideas.

(hello, this is my first instructable! i'm french so maybe i have a twisted use of english, forgive me in advance!)

this was once an old tank top i bought on a street market 15 years ago.
i couldn't wear it anymore since i gained some weight... but i couldn't neither toss it nor give it, because i still liked the pattern...
i wanted to keep it by any mean. therefore i decided to hang it like a painting.

it took me only a couple hours to make it, after some months of chewing up the project in my mind ^^

i used :
- this tank top
- a sheet of paper
- a piece of plywood
- sequins, fake gemstones
- fancy trimmings
- tools : a pair of cissors, a jigsaw, a staple gun, a glue gun

Step 1: Time to Make a Cut

i unsewed the tank's side seams, the hem on bottom and cut up the bias. i used the back as the printing was the same and there was more space around the character's head.

of i couldn't use a basic rectangular shape. so i choose to go with the flow and opted for a kind of roman window shape.
i drew a pattern on paper and applied it on the plywood.
the board is a bit larger than the piece of fabric, to allow me to stretch the pattern just a little.
once it was cut, i sanded the edges just enough to be not scratchy on the fabric.

Step 2: Staple-staple-staple....

i laid the fabric on the plywood board as flat as possible. i tried my best to not stretch it too much, in order to not deform the character. i stapled the fabric on the sides of the board and cut the excess fabric after that. i could have used some fabric glue instead of a staple gun, but i was afraid of the glue to stain through the fabric, i've experienced once and it was a disaster. i just made sure that the character was right in the middle of the canvas and that there was no ugly fold on the edges.

Step 3: Embellishment

some years ago my sister brought me some cool sewing materials from India. it was time to use some.

first i glued some rainbow fancy trimming on the edges, to cover the staples.
next, i added some details to the character (yay, nipples!)

i could have used more, i hesitated to add a fake gemstone to replace the tiger's eye... it's a matter of taste and i didn't want to cover up the drawing with fancy details.
i can still make a second one with the front part of the tank, with more shiny bollywood details... someday...^^

and to achieve the whole thing, i glued this glorious golden zig-zag with pink sleigh-bells on the top and bottom of the canvas.

Step 4: Behold!

there's no hanging system behind this one. i could have used one, maybe i'll add it in the future.

Step 5: And More...

i did another project that is actually hung in my son's bedroom. for this second one, i first stapled fleece on the plywood disc's edge before to staple the fabric BEHIND the plywood. it was not jersey so there was less risk to deform the pattern, and the fleece adds a nice matressing effect.

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