Frosty Snow Lantern Jar

Introduction: Frosty Snow Lantern Jar

Ever want to bring the freshly fallen snow indoors, minus the mess? Now you can with this frosty glowing lantern! Recycle your old large pickle jars or short wide saurkraut/pickled cabbage jars into this nifty new lantern.


- 1 wide jar with lid (remove the label)

- 1 sheet white gift wrap tissue paper (I used 20 inch by 20 inch sheet)

- white glue

- foam brush

- square piece craft burlap 3/4 inch larger than jar lid (or nice fabric)

- low heat glue gun

- scissors

- battery operated tealight candle (regular candle will not work as the lantern has a lid)

Step 1: Decorate Your Lid!

First you need to cut your burlap or decorative fabric to fit your jar lid. You will need to cut it about 3/4 of an inch larger than the lid so it will fit over the sides of the lid.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the top of the lid, one dot in the middle and a circle around the top of the lid.

Next, flip it over and hot glue the straight edges up against the sides of the lid. Than hot glue the corners in, than the remaining fabric until all the fabric is against the outter side of the lid.

Finally, trim the access fabric to give the edge a clean finish.

Step 2: Make Your Jar All Frosty!

Flip your jar upside down. You may want to put it on top of newspaper to protect your work surface.

Tear up your tissue paper into uneven pieces or strips.

Cover the bottom of your jar with a layer of white school glue using your foam brush to spread it out even. Stick pieces of your tissue paper to the jar, adding more glue as needed to smooth it onto the jar.

Keep crisscrossing overlapping layers of glue and tissue paper to your jar until it is covered and opaque. The more wrinkles in the tissue paper, the better, it adds character to the pattern. Also overlapping unevenly allows light to shine through later, so the tissue paper does not need to be thick. Left over tissue or needing more paper if your jar is bigger is okay too.

Let your jar dry overnight. The magic happens as the glue drys! The glue will dry lighter and the jar will appear frosty.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Lantern!

Place your electric tealight inside your jar and top it with the lid. You can also alternatively surround it with fairy lights for a frosty glow. Enjoy your new frosty winter decor!

I hope that you enjoyed my first instructable!!!

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