Introduction: Frothy Milk for Free

About: Beep Boop - Putting Stuffs Together
so you want frothy milk for a coffee but don't want to buy a milk frother. well all you need is a Tupperware container

Step 1: What You'll Need

you'll need
-Tupperware container
that's all

Step 2: Heat Up La Milk

Ok Now You Put The Desired Amount Of Milk in The Tupperware Container And Keep In Mind That You Want The Tupperware container To Be About 1/3 Full So There Is Enough Air In There To Make It Really Frothy.
then microwave for 40 seconds

Step 3: SHAKE!

lalalalalla shake away shake away. the harder you shake the more froth you'll make

Step 4: Now Enjoy Your Frothy Coffee

simply treat it like anyother frothy milk and enjoy your frothy coffee