Introduction: Paperclip Darts

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ok so a couple of years ago i made these with a friend before i found instructables and i just had a mental flash and thought why not share these with the community.

ok so it is pretty simple to make these paperclip darts and they fly pretty far, mabye 15/20 metres and they really hurt from up close, if you want to make them go faster i'd suggest using a thicker rubber band, mabye one of those thick red ones.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

you'll need:
-a rubber band
-a paperclip (multiple preferably)

Step 2: Take Your Paper Clip

so you take your paperclip and you want to bend it slightly so it looks like picture 2. all this is doing is giving you something your rubber band can hook into.

Step 3: Get Creative

from this point the "dart" is up to you however you want to make it look. but for most of mine i use this(its tagged) part of the paperclip to make the point of the dart.

Step 4: Finished.

ok so here's a couple that i made in like 2 minutes.

aww and as a side note i wouldnt recommend shooting people with a pointy dart because these paperclips have a tendancy to stick into things that get shot by them.(i know from personal experience ahaha)

Step 5: SHOOT!

now hold the rubberband like this and hook the paperclip onto it.
then simply release the paperclip with the non-rubberband holding hand.