Introduction: Frozen Olaf Cake Topper

Gee, who hasn't gotten on the Frozen band wagon?!?! I might of... :D

Here's what you will need to make this little guy (use however much sugarpaste you need depending on the size you want to make):

  • White sugarpaste
  • Black sugarpaste
  • Orange sugarpaste
  • Edible glue or vodka or water
  • Thin paintbrush
  • Balling tool
  • Scalpel or sharp blade
  • A toothpick (this is inserted through the body to hold the pieces together. If you're making a larger on you can use a wooden skewer or even wire).
  • Fine gauge wire (for the arms)
  • A foam round to stand him on to dry

Step 1: Making the Body

  • Roll your sugarpaste into the desired shapes - as you can see, if you lay them out you can get a feel of the proportions and sizes.
  • Allow the pieces to dry a little.

Step 2: Make the Face

  • Grab the piece of sugarpaste you're using for the head and use your balling tool to shape the mouth, cheeks, eye sockets and nose.
  • Roll out some thin black sugarpaste and cut a section for the mouth then glue in place. Cut a small rectangle for the teeth and stick in place.
  • Roll out a thin sausage of black for the eyebrows and the part above the eyes. and stick in place.
  • Make 2 white balls for the eyes and smaller balls for the pupils and stick into the sockets.
  • Make his carrot nose by rolling a cone shape, bend it in sections and make lines down the top, then stick in place.

Step 3: Stick 'hair and Arms'

  • For the arms: cut your fine gauge wire into small pieces, roll out your black sugarpaste into sausages with balls on the end. Carefully stick your wire through the arms then use your scalpel to cut the hands out (note: Olaf's 'thumb' isn't with the rest of his hand and a little more on his wrist!).
  • Use the back of the scalpel to make his arms look woody and uneven.
  • For the hair: roll out some very thin black sugarpaste and cut tiny slits so you can bend it open (so it looks like sticks).

Step 4: Put the Body Together

As you have allowed the body to dry, this step will be easier (if the sugarpaste is too soft it will flop and squish the bottom pieces!

You want Olaf to look like he's standing on one foot so here's what you need to do:

  • Stick your toothpick into the foam round and one by one, gluing as you go, stack your pieces starting with the bottom foot, then through the larger body piece on and angle, then the smaller body piece, then on an angle through the head.
  • Glue the other foot to the side and if it wont stay in place, roll a piece of white sugarpaste to 'hold' the other foot while it adheres.
  • Make the coal buttons, so they look like chunky coal, not perfect balls.

Step 5: Stick the Arms and Hair on

  • Stick the arms into the upper body piece.
  • Stick the hair in place by making 3 little holes on top of his head and gluing them in.

Step 6: And You Are Done!

One gravity defying (looking) Olaf :D

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