Introduction: Hoot Cake Topper

If you have kids the you probably know the TV show on ABC, Giggle and Hoot!

Here's a tutorial on how to make a Hoot cake topper.

You will need the following equipment:

  • 300g light blue sugarpaste (or fondant with added tylose powder)
  • 100g orange sugarpaste
  • 50g light beige sugarpaste
  • 20g white sugarpaste
  • 10g black sugarpaste
  • 1 wooden skewer
  • 2 wooden toothpicks
  • Cutters - small circle, small oval and small heart
  • Straw
  • Edible glue or water - with paintbrush
  • Very fine paintbrush
  • Black gel colour
  • Sharp knife or scalpel
  • Foam round

Step 1: Make the Body

  1. Weigh out 300g of blue sugarpaste, roll it into a pear shape and cut off the top about one third of the way down.
  2. Stick a wooden skewer into the smaller half and into the foam.
  3. Place the large part on it's side and let it dry for 30mins so you get a flat side for the 'face'.
  4. Once it has dried a little, stick a toothpick in each side (for the wings later).

Step 2: Make the Eyes

  1. Roll out your light beige sugarpaste into a sausage and cut in two pieces (save a small piece for the heart).
  2. Roll out your white and cut two circles for the eyes.
  3. Wrap the beige sausages around each circle like shown, and glue them in place
  4. Use your straw to cut out to circles for the pupils of the eyes.
  5. Roll tiny balls of white sugarpaste, flatten them and glue them to the black pupils.
  6. Glue the pupils to the white eyes, making sure they white dots in the centre and pointing the same way

Step 3: Make the Legs, Wings and Heart Patch

  1. Roll out your orange sugarpaste and cut two ovals with your cutter. Use the back of your scalpel and push in the middle of one end and then cut off the other end so it's flat.
  2. Then roll out two smaller sausages for legs and make two feet by forming them out of egg shaped balls.
  3. For the beak, made a small pyramid and cut it through the centre.
  4. Cut a heart out of the rest of the beige sugarpaste.
  5. Now use your thin paint brush with the black gel colour and paint the stitching onto the wings and heart like shown.

Step 4: Glue the Wings, Feet and Heart to the Body

  1. Stick the head onto the body by adding a little glue on the underside of the head, and push it down onto the skewer.
  2. Stick the wings on by pushing them onto the toothpicks and gluing them to the body.
  3. Glue the feet to the legs, then glue the legs to body.

Step 5: Finish

To finish, glue the eyes onto the flat part of the head and glue the beak in the middle between the eyes.

And you're done! One very cute Hoot topper for your child's birthday cake!

You can see I even made some buttons, a number 1 and a name too! The sky's the limit! :D