Introduction: Frozen Queen Crown

This ice crown is perfect for decorations and dress up!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

For this ice cold costume crown, you will need:
-hot glue gun
-plenty of glue sticks.....I used the mini glue sticks, and used around 15. If you use a larger glue gun, you won’t need as many.
-glass bowl. The size will depend on the size you want the crown
-crystals, pearls, rhinestones, plastic gems
-I used an old broken chain as part of my base, but you could also use a pipe cleaner, or an old headband.

Step 2: Build Your “ice” Base

Turn your bowl upside down, give it a little shake of glitter, and dot some glue in a few places around the base. Next, lay your chain (or pipe cleaner etc) down on those dots. Now you are going to take the glue and form a whole circle, around the bowl, encapsulating the chain. The idea is to keep layering glue, to create a solid base. This step will take the longest, because you want to really make sure your base is sturdy.

Step 3: Add Some Glitter...

As I lay my last few layers of hot glue to the base, I add some glitter between them. That gives it a very “icy” look. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! It just has to be something you like!

Step 4: Remove Your Base

This step requires grown up assistance. Just FYI Incase you have any little princesses or princes helping you :). Simply take a butter knife, and wiggle between the glass and the glue. Similar to removing a cake from a pan...Remember to be gentle, you don’t break any of the base. It usually takes me several minutes of wiggle then turn, wiggle then turn before it pops loose. Now your crown is ready to be assembled!

Step 5: Add Your Jewels

I like to take my rhinestones stones, pearls etc and lay them on the table in the pattern I want to use. I think using an assortment of sizes looks best. The more variety used, the better they catch the light. But you can also just throw caution to the wind and glue-n-stick as you please.

Your base should feel sturdy enough to hold and move around while doing this step. If you notice any week spots while you are decorating, simply add more glue; filling in any gaps. Just remember to let it cool for a moment if you do!

Step 6: Last Touches

You can add as many sparkles as you want! Let each rhinestone or pearl dry before moving onto the next, just about 30 seconds. As for the larger acrylic gems, I glued the bottom of each to the inside rim of the base, and then made a second and third layer, slightly taller than the first. You could also use a glitter sprinkle after placing the glue dollops, to give it a more dimensional look.

I like making crowns like this because the concept is very forgiving.....Too many of those annoying hot-glue stringys? No problem, just call them min Icicles. Kiddos gluing rhinestones in a haphazard pattern? Awesome that just means you can call it “rustic”. 😀

Step 7: Add the Icicles

For the final step, trace the top edge of the plastic gems, and sprinkle guessed it, MORE GLITTER! And done. I think this crown will be perfect for a snowman in the yard this season! All of the rhinestones, pearls, glitter and plastic gems can be purchased at any craft supply store. But don’t be afraid to improvise with what you have around!

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