Introduction: Fuji Finepix S5700, Replace Lcd Screen. Standard

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Busted screen, buy a new one! fit it yourself at a fraction of the cost of pro repair,outside of warranties.

The finepix s5700 is my goto workhorse camera, only has 10x optical zoom so it works well in low light, macro and super macro focusing. chrome mode which accentuates saturation so the images look good online, and at 7.1mp it uploads quickly.

Dad got one for nothing all working except the screen, i decided that it is well worth repairing.

Step 1: Buy the Screen.

i bought a direct replacement from china, its often the cheaper on ebay than gettting the required part from a 'proper source'

Step 2: Wait 2 to 6 Weeks

Step 3: Its Arrived!

Step 4: Remove 5 Screws

i didn't spot the one by the strap at first.

and remember to remove the memory card and battery..

Step 5: SLOWLY Pull the Case Apart a Little

Your looking out of any wire ribbons or bits that fall off..

the memory card cover fell off mine.

Step 6: Oh Look , a Wire Ribbon.

place camera opened on surface as shown. dont tear that ribbon.

Step 7: Look How and Where the Lcd Screen Is Mounted.

secured in place by sticky tape. peel the bit off the it can be reused.

Step 8: Unclip the Lcd Wireing.

Step 9: Open Your New Lcd Without Damaging It.

Step 10: Protector

you could just remove this , but as this is my dads camera i thought id save him the pleasure of doing it.(like a pro) so am going to fit with the factory protector so it can be removed after installation.

Step 11: Clip in the New Lcd Wire Ribbon.

get it the right way up! offer it in place give it a little wiggle . the black tab will move in the closing direction then press it down with finger to lock the ribbon in place.

Step 12: Position the Screen.

press it gently against the locator tabs on the chassis , then stick the tape back down to hold it in place.

Step 13: Put the Case Back Together

offer it almost in place. replace the memory card cover,and battery cover if that's the case. remember the tab for the screen protector.evenly press it together bit by bit until its closed.

Step 14: Replace Five Screws

get the sizes right. pictures shown in order of largest to smallest.

Step 15: Does It Work?

chuck in battery's . turn it on. then go through all buttons making sure they all work. if they do then youve not damaged or knocked anything important on your journey .

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