Introduction: Full Nutrition Dog Food (Gluten Free)

This is a complete nutrition dish for any dog, and ArthyDex is safe to give to all animals.
For this dish, you will need for a 50 lbs dog:

1 Cup Water
3 Cups Natural Choice: Lamb and Rice dry dog food
1/2 can Purnia ALPO Chop House Originals: Top Sirloin or Ribeye Flavors
2 scoops ArthryDex: Complete Nutritional Supplement with Vitamins, Enzymes, and Amino Acids
3 capsules Ultimate EFA Plus

There are directions on the containers for Arthrydex and for the EFA's for how much to give based on the weight of the animal. Adjust the portions of the wet and dry foods, and water, within reason for the size of your pet. Approximately 1/2 cup water per scoop of Arthrydex.

Step 1: Add Water to Bowl.

I have tried warm water, it didn't go well. No water, well, have fun scrapping the bowl afterwards. The ArthryDex contains beef gelatin which thickens the water.

Step 2: Add ArthryDex.

Simply pour the scoops into the water, be sure to have a fork or spoon handy. The gelatin will begin to absorb the water quickly, and there will be lumps in the water if you don't stir it. The pup doesn't mind the pockets of supplement, but at times it sticks to the bowl, making cleanup more difficult.

Step 3: Add EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)

Our pup refuses to eat them when they are full. We poke holes into the gel caps with a corn on the cob skewer and squeeze. Mixes in nicely when all is said and done.

Step 4: Add Wet Dog Food.

Mix in half of one can of the Alpo wet dog food. Refrigerate the rest for later.

Step 5: Add Dry Dog Food.

Mix in a good dry dog food that does not contain corn or wheat, both of which are extremely difficult for your dog to digest.

Step 6: Clean Up.

If all goes well, clean up will be quick, easy, and hands-free.

Back Story:
Our family has a gluten Intolerance. Therefore, we, and everyone in our house is gluten free...... including our pup. We have been told that she has an auto-immune disease which has deactivated her pores on her skin. This caused her hair to fall out, completely. A hairless Akita-Inu, what a sight. Well, the vet said her hair would likely never grow back. After a year on this diet, she has regained about half of her coat, and is looking more and more like the fur ball she used to be. Also, thanks to the full mineral support provided by ArthryDex, she no longer craves our furniture (pica).

Youngevity can be pricy, which is why I signed up as a preferred customer, 30 percent discount on everything.
I hope this helps those who are wondering how to prepare ArthryDex in their dog's or cat's food.

May you and your animals have a long and healthy life.