Introduction: Full Size Butterfly for Fancydress

For School fancy dress competition for my sweet kid. She ask me to make up like her as a butterfly. So i plan for a huge Butterfly wings and Head piece with antenna and proboscis.

Step 1: Planning the Size

First want to find the size of the wings. For that i take a full size photo of my baby and use Photo shop to put the actual wings to my baby. Take a print out and divide one side of the wings to 6 columns and 8 Rows. By reference to the height of my girl. I calculate the division size.

Step 2: Materials Required

For Wings

1) Chart Paper - 4 Nos.

2) Cardboard - 2 Nos.

3) Fluorescent paper

4) Poster Color-Black

5) Cloth rope.

6) Glue

For Head Piece

1) Waste Corrugated box

2) Wire From scrap

3) Lot of papers.

4) Fevicol

5) Poster Color-Black

Step 3: Cut the Wings

1) Take a Chart paper width and height calculated from print out.

2) Divide the Chart in to 6 columns and 8 rows.

3) Draw the wings as like wings you print from computer in each boxes.

4) After completion the drawing put the chart behind your baby and found it correct.

5) Take 3 more chart and put it one behind the other as shown in the figure then only its suitable for left and right wings.

6) Slightly glue the unwanted areas of the chart to avoid movement while cit.

7) Take a sharp blade and draw over the lines draw and cut the pieces.

8) After cut all the pieces use black poster color to color the white side. Use only poster color its finishing exactly match the wings.

Step 4: Completed the Wings

1) cut the Cardboard same size of the draw portion.

2) Paste the card board with Fluorescent paper on both sides (for testing i apply one side with Fluorescent and other side with color paper). At the end i found Fluorescent color look amazing.

3) Paste the black painted chart paper on the two sides of each wings (4Nos).

4) After pasting that one embossed out form the wings and water color shows a natural look.

5) By put 4 holes on the back side and insert black cloth like shoulder bag to tie with the shoulder.

Step 5: Making of Head Piece

1) Take a waste Corrugated box.

2) Roll it on the fore head of the child and calculate the circumference needed for the hat.

3) Cut the piece.

4) Draw arcs like crown and paste the edges together.

5) Now its crown now, check the size by wear it.

6) Bend the curves for crown together and form a semi sphere.

7) For antenna place two wire on the two sides.

8) Apply Fevicol over the semicircle and paste paper over it. Paste over and over up to 4 layers.

9) For proboscis twist a piece of corrugated box and paste it on the front side.

10) After dry Apply black poster color all over the head piece. Use fevicol as the additive with poster color, hence it looks amazing like oil color.

Now Both Head piece and Wings finished. Wait for the time of competition.

Step 6: Time of Competition

She learn Rhymes about butterfly . Just put a long gown and simple face makeup. Put the Wings on the shoulder and head piece of the head. As of now with this fancy dress she won 2 prizes in different competition. Best part is after this competition only her stage fear gone.

I am very very happy to learn and make new things. Let share yours then Happiness multiply.
Thanks for watching.

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