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A few day ago, my little brother and I had lots of fun randomly trying vegetable printing,creative paintings with ear buds, pencil shavings and making tree with leaves.

Using okra (lady’s finger), ear buds, pencil shavings and leaves is a lovely idea for kids to make creative art and pretty cards. It also provides kids an opportunity to explore a wide color palette and endless shape possibilities.
Here’s a step by step creative art idea using okra , ear buds, pencil shavings and leaves which is lots of fun for little ones and as well as for parents to try. And this instructable may let you to spend more quality time with your loved ones.......


1) okra
2) leaves
3) pencil shavings
4) ear buds
5) scale
6) colors
7) tumbler for water
8) brushes
9) paper (4 sheets)
10) knife

Step 1: Hand Printing

Paint your hand with your favorite color using water colors. Press it on the paper leaving your hand print on it. Repeat the same step on other 3 sheets.....

Step 2: Okra Painting

Okra is a vegetable and can be used for creative paintings. The part of okra which we throw in dustbins can be used in this creative art work......
Take one of the paper you printed your hand on, Take the uppermost part of okra which is usually wasted, color it with desired color and print it on paper. Repeat the same step using different colors to make your painting look attractive.....

Step 3: Leaves Painting

Take one of the 3 paper left you printed your hand on, take leaves of different kinds color it and print it on paper. Repeat the same step using different colors on the leaves and printing it on paper.......

Step 4: Ear Bud Painting

Take one of the papers and take ear buds tie them together with the help of rubber band and dip them in color as per your choice and print it on paper......

Step 5: Pencil Shavings Painting

Take the last paper and color pencil shavings with different colors and prints them on the paper....

Step 6: Fun Fun

Spending quality time with our family is the best part of our life so why not we make it more interesting using this instructables......

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