Introduction: Fun Folder

Want to make your folder more exciting? Try this! It's simple and creative, and you don't need much! It's very unique and fun too!

Step 1: Getting Ready

So, all you need is a folder that has a plastic covering and is a paper folder. Also, I would recommend having a garbage near by incase because of all the pieces of plastic that will be Lying around.

Step 2: Pealing the Plastic

Now you have to is make a tear in the plastic, which you can use your finger nails or something sharp. I will say the tear is the hardest part, but after that its way easier. Now, once you have the tear, start pulling! You have almost complete control over the plastic (direction wise) so you can make it go which ever way you want.

Step 3: Make Your Own Design!

Now you can create what ever design you want. If you want to make a bunch of lines, do a short tug on the plastic and then stop, and then another short tug and so on. You could also do zigzag by pulling to the left and then the right and do this repeatedly. Thx for reading this and hope you enjoy!!