Introduction: Flower Drawing

This is one of my favorite things to draw because it is not that hard once you get the hang of it. I learned this from a drawing app, which I'm pretty sure is called drawing tutorials.hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Things Needed

-paper(depending on how big you want it to be, have the paper that size) -different colored sharpies or markers(I prefer sharpies) Also. Make sure you have something under your paper so the marker doesn't bleed through onto something

Step 2: Starting With a Circle

To start off, you are going to draw a circle. In my case, the circle will be about the size of a quarter. Then, you start in the middle of the circle and start making a swirl that connects to the outer part of the circle.

Step 3: Adding the Pedals

Now your going to connect the pedals to the circle. I started by doing four pedals that are spaced out, then add pedals in between them. Altogether there should be 8 pedals.

Step 4: Adding the Lines

Now you are going to draw lines that are shown in the picture. You will have 3 lines on each pedal. The longest line is in the middle, and the two other lines will be shorter than the middle line, but will be the same length as each other. To finish this step, you will draw three dots going upward on each of the shorter lines.

Step 5: Squiggles

Now you will draw a squiggly thing on the longest lines on every other pedal.

Step 6: Circles

Now you will add three circles going upward on the remaining longest lines. Make the circle smaller as it goes up.

Step 7: Almost Done

Now you are going to add an outer "bubble" to each peddle like done in the picture. Then, inside the bubbles, draw little bumps that start at the bottom, and then reach the top of the bubble.

Step 8: At Pedals(optional)

Now you are going to draw a leaf on every other pedal. The leaf will have two swirls on each side.

Step 9: Time to Color

Now just color in your flower and your all done! Thx for reading this! Also if you want, you can cut the flowers out.
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