Introduction: Fun Tissue Box Card Carrier

This is how to make a tissue box delivery carrier!!

Step 1: Supplies

SORRY! I cant do pictures.

first, you have to get supplies. These are what you need.

1 tissue box

1-2 pieces of paper.

box of crayons

Step 2: Take Out All the Tissues

YEP! take out the tissues of the tissue box!

this step is pretty short so: --]=====>

Step 3: Cut Out Paper.

with the peices of paper, cut out wings.

Then you glue them to the the tissue box.

now you cut out eyes and with the eyes, color them any color.

now cut out a larger piece of paper. then color a ton of colors on that and glue it to the back of the tissue box.

Step 4: Now It Is Cute! One Last Step.

finally! the last step is here. now you put notes in the tissue box, and you can deliver them in the mail if you wrap it up or you can make it deliver mail only in your house!

Step 5: It Is Finaly Finished!

Have fun with it! I know these steps were kind of short so I made another one.