Introduction: Fun and Easy String Art!

Some of the most beautiful pictures in the world don’t have to be made of paint, they can be made of... string!? It’s true, this form of art is called string art and it is cheap, easy, and fun for all ages. Not to mention that this makes a great project for families. In this Instructable, I am going to show how you can also make beautiful string art for your walls. (This was my first time making string art so I really enjoyed it and learned a lot).


- 3/4 in. plywood sheet.

- 1 1/2 in. roofing nails.
- Thin yarn(s) (the thickness and color of your yarn depend on what you are trying to accomplish during your project.)

- Hammer.

- Spray paint (optional in case you want to paint the wood which will be your background.)

- Ruler.
- Sharpie (optional) to color in nails to blend in with your yarn if you wish.

Step 1: Spray Painting Your Project

Once all of the materials are gathered (listed above), there is a choice of whether or not to spray paint the plywood. Since the plywood will act as the background, I chose to make it green to like the grass on a field. Again, the choice is completely up to you.

Step 2: Designing and Nailing Your Project.

Once the board is satisfying to you, you have to pick out your design. For beginners I would recommend a design with a simple shape. If possible, I would recommend using an image from the internet and taping it onto your board to make the nail placement a little easier. This is what I did for my design and it ended up helping a lot. Finally a few notes on hammering in the nails. You will want them all to be an even space apart to look nice. While the distance apart depends on how much you want to fill the space in (the closer the nails are together, the easier it is to fill that space completely). Also, you want to hammer them all in the same distance as hammering them in at different distances makes it look less nice and harder to put string on. Finally, putting nails to close together can make putting string on very hard. All of these tips are things I learned from this project.

Step 3: Stringing Your Project Together.

Now you are going to do the best part! Stringing your price together can be a difficult process, however, it can also be fun. Start by taking the edge of your string and tying a loop. Once you have this put the loop around your starting nail and tighten it. Now, if you wish for extra security, add a drop of super glue around the tightened knot. Now you can begin stringing. Start by weaving through nails and fill up all the space you wish to be covered. Remember to hit every nail so that your end product looks complete. When you are done, cut off the end and loop that around your end nail.

Step 4: Coloring/Painting in Your Nails.

This part is optional, but it can enhance your project a lot. You should especially consider this if your nails stand out to much in your project or you don’t want the nails to be visible. I simply took a Sharpie that was the same color as the string behind it and colored over the nail.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now your string art is complete! Hang it in your house or in an office space to enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this project and learned a lot of new skills. I hope to make this a hobby in the future.

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