Introduction: Fun and Functional Cat Litter Box Cover

Do you have one or more cats, and a litter box that is seen (and creates dust clouds and smells) more than you would like?  We adopted two adorable brother cats and now have two not-so-adorable litter boxes for them.  "Their" bedroom contains a cat tree/condo and is frequently coated with a 1/4 inch of dust.  After shopping online for an aesthetically pleasing cover (but not such an appealing price) I decided to create my own cover. In the end, it cost around $15 and it works great!

Note that you can buy/use any fabric you like and if you have a sewing stash, this is the perfect project to use some of your stash.

Supplies Needed:
One 22 Gallon plastic Storage box
One box cutter or similar tool for cutting heavy plastic
Sharpie or good marking pen
8 inch diameter object (like a bowl) or string draw a circle with pen
Optional: fabric to cover the box (I used a cotton print)
               1/4 cup Tacky Glue
               1 yard Fabric trim

Step 1: Cut the Lip Off

With the storage box open, trim the "lip" or edge off the top of the box, cutting closely to the inner edge.  Cutting does NOT need to be perfect. See photos.

Step 2: Measure Box and Choose Fabric

If you do not plan to cover your box with fabric, skip to step 5. 
Measure the length and width of your box.
Select a fabric that meets the size of your box PLUS add two inches to the length and width for overlap on the box edge.**

**Keep in mind that if your fabric has a pattern to it (a "nap") , you will probably have to position two pieces of cut fabric side-by-side to match up the pattern as you glue it to the box.  This will result in needing more fabric than just what will fit.  If you need assistance, pop into a local fabric store and they can assist you.

Step 3: Glue Fabric to the Box

Pour 1/4 cup Tacky glue into a small container, like a ramekin. 
Line up the first piece of fabric to glue to the box, leaving a 2 inch excess at the lip, or edge, for overlap onto the other side of the lip. 
If your fabric has a pattern that should be right-side up (like the faces on my cat pattern), be sure that the top of the pattern points to the BOTTOM of the box.  The box will be turned upside down when used as the litter box cover, so it is counter-intuitive.

Pick up a glob of glue on your finger and rub it around on the surface of the box where you will start laying the fabric.  As you lay the fabric in its position- with the 2 inch overlap at the lip,  coax any bubbles or creases out of the fabric for a smooth finish.  Continue gluing fabric, folding corners and matching nap (pattern), as needed.  

Step 4: Finish Fabric Edges

Fold the 2 inch excess fabric over the edge of the box and glue into place.

Don't worry if it looks terrible, as nobody will ever see it.  But, be sure to glue securely and try not to leave gaps, as litter can get caught in the loose fabric once it goes to work.

Step 5: Cut the Entry Port

Depending on how high your litter box stands, you may want the entry port for your cat to be on the high or low side of the cover. 

In the second picture, I am pointing to a sharpie mark that indicates the center point of where I want the entry point to be located.  Mark the center point of where you want your entry port.

Find an object with a diameter of 8 inches (mixing bowl, coffee can, etc), or tie a pen to a string to use as a compass, and draw a circle of approximately 8 inches diameter around the center point mark. 

Using your cutting tool, carefully cut along the circle drawn.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

If you plan to finish off your cover with trim, start at the bottom of the entrance port and place a lot of glue on the back of the trim, folding the edges of the trim over the unfinished edge of the entry port.

If you prefer not to cover with trim, simply glue down any loose fabric on the face of the entry port, smoothing out any bubbles or creases.

Let the box dry for at least a few hours before putting it to work (see 2nd pic).

Step 7: Enjoy a Cleaner, Less Odiferous Room!

Introduce your cat to his/her new, private loo!  And enjoy your room with significantly reduced dust and odor from the functional cover!!

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