Introduction: Fungal Infection Treatment-simplest Ever

This is the best anti-fungal treatment I have come across. Works better than anything bought from the shops (that I have tried), is cheaper (free), takes no preparation, and pretty easy to use. You could even say that this is recycling, cause it uses what is normally thrown away.

I can't remember when I first heard about using this, but desperation drove me to trying different things to get a finger and toe nail fungal infection under control. It was eating away half my nails and could barely use them for functional purposes, and then being the practical guy I am I'm always playing with greasy cars and the like, so they get black underneath the infected part and there is no hiding it! Pictured is my thumb with a bit of the infection showing, as well as some Toyota remnant grease, but no-where near as bad as before (incidentally, its also gotten better lately with a large change in my diet to eating very clean, grain and sugar free). When I started using this, the first thing I saw change was long term tinea that I had always had in my toes. It was never too bad, as I am always in bare feet and that kept it in check most of the time, but it was always there to some degree. As soon as I started this, it disappeared completely and I've not seen it since.

Hopefully I've intrigued you enough to want to read on. I didn't want to start with the treatment as it may turn off some people that could benefit from this.

Step 1: Intrigued?..........the Secret Ingredient

You may well have guessed, but the secret ingredient doing all this great work is urine. I have read that back in the ye old native people would treat wounds with urine to control infections and the like, and this is what prompted me to try it I think. Like I said, I was desperate.

Now, just to reassure people here, urine is actually sterile when it comes out of the body, unless you have a urinary tract infection. The bad smells etc are from bacteria growing pretty fast in it due to all the nutrients, and the production of ammonia etc, but that isn't straight away, so your safe to go getting it on your hands and feet, or wherever you have a fungal infection

Step 2: How I Use It

To use this magical, timeless wonder medicine of the ages is obviously simple.

Lack of a suitable original photo nd caused me to include a nice fishing photo instead, just for a little colour.

I generally just pee on my hands and feet while I'm in the shower, and let them sit and soak for about 30sec and then rinsing it off. Direct it to where it needs to be, and work it under the fingernails if that's a problem your dealing with. Doesn't hurt to rub it between your toes and anywhere else that its needed. Being a guy, this process is fairly easy, not sure how easy it is for a girl, having never been a girl before myself I have no experience to draw on. I'm pretty certain I won't have any first hand experience in this regard either!

Something I did do for a while, when things were quite bad, was to have a plastic container that I left in the shower. In the mornings or whenever, I would pee into that and then soak my fingers and toes in there for a little bit, before rinsing them off under the shower and going on with what I was doing.

Step 3: Final Musings on the Subject

If your suffering from some sort of fungal infection, don't be scared of giving this a try. Its not as gross as you might think. Apparently the US army instructs soldiers to use urine when out in the field or away from supplies in the same way, to deal with fungal infections. I learnt this after I started, and was reassured a bit by this. I even noticed recently that urea was a major ingredient in an anti-fungal treatment in the local pharmacy.

One day I'm hoping to get the time to do some research into why this actually works, but at this time I've got too many other things I'm getting done (that I hope to write instructables on at some stage), so at the moment I just use it and not know why.

Any questions or comments on this then please comment away, always keen to hear other peoples thoughts on things.

I've entered this into the natural remedies comp, so if you think its worthy then I would greatly appreciate your vote.

Hope this is useful to others out there

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