Introduction: Funky Hat Project

This article will lead you step by step on how to make a custom hat with changing lights!

You will need:
- Circuit Playground Express

- A laptop (with a USB port)

- A hat - Needle and thread

- Markers (or paint, something that you can use to decorate the hat.)

Paper Optional:

- Thick Paper

-Something to cut with (like an X-Acto blade)

Step 1: Sketch Out an Idea

First you will want to think of what you want your hat to look like. Using this template you can draw different designs until you have one that you like.

Here you can see my design that I then transferred to the end product.

Step 2: Sew in Your Circuit Playground Express

Once you have a design you want to add your Circuit Playground Express to your hat.

Place the Circuit Playground Express were you want it on your hat, you can use the lines on the hat as a guide (I used the center line down the middle of the cap to make sure the Circuit Playground Express was centered.) Make sure that you have access to both inputs on the Circuit Playground Express as you will need access to both to download the code/change code and to power the device.

Sew the device in with your needle and thread using the wholes around the edge. A good method for this is to sew between wholes and then back again, sewing into the outside each time. The pictures show the needle work in order.

If you have trouble finding were to place the needle try looking on the inside and using your last stitch as a guide to find the whole.

After the device is secured in place, cut a small whole to feed the cord attached to the battery pack through. The battery pack can be clipped directly to the hat.

Step 3: Add Code to Your Circuit Playground Express

You can create code on the Circuit Playground Express website here

This is an example of the code I used to make the effects I wanted on the hat. Depending on what you want you can change the code or use completely different code, it is up to you! However feel free to copy this code directly if you want the same effects.

Step 4: Time to Start Decorating!

Now for the most fun part, decorating your hat! Using your design (or just winging it if thats how you work) begin making your beautiful unique wearable art. I used markers and pens to draw on my hat.

To keep your had stretched out and easier to work in stuff if with clothe/clothes/a blanket/etc. This will make it much easier to see what you are doing and makes sure it does not fold over while you work.

Step 5: Optional Circuit Playground Express Cover

If you do not want to see the devise you can cut out a thick piece of paper to tape onto the board. Using tracing paper you can outline were the buttons, lights and input plugs are and create a plate you can color onto (if you are making multiple you can make one and use that as a template for the rest.)

Make sure to use caution when cutting with sharp tools and to use a safe cutting surface.

Step 6: Finished!

Now you should have a unique light up hat! Good work and thank you for stopping by!