Introduction: Furby Boom Disassembly

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Welcome! This tutorial is for disassembling Furby Booms for lengthening or other oddbodies. All of this info I got secondhand, so it won't be as in depth as my other tutorials yet, but I'll be updating it as soon as I can!

Pictures and information from @kira_cosplay_ on Instagram


Furby Boom or Crystal Boom


x-acto knife

Seamripper (not necessary but helpful)

Needle-nose pliers

Step 1: Start Removing the Fur

Start with taking the battery compartment off completely, then begin skinning the Furb.

Cut the string holding the tail on, then pull the fur up and inside out to expose the body. You can disconnect any wires connecting to the push sensors.

Step 2: Removing the Tabs Around the Face

The first tab is held on by a screw, undo this and pull the tab out and away from where it locks in. There will be two more tabs, one on either side of the face. These are part of a plastic ring that is sewn onto the fur and holds it in place on the body.

It is okay to cut into these tabs if you plan on gluing the new fur to the body/face. I will experiment with using this ring to re-attach new fur properly, but everyone I've talked to so far has glued the fur on.

You will now be able to pull the fur away from the face, though it will still be connected at the ears.

Step 3: Around the Ears

Carefully cut the stitches holding the fur to the base of the ears.

Now you can pull the last tab out from around the face, and depending on your model there might be another tab. Like the others, these are okay to cut it you plan on just gluing the fur back on.

The fur should be completely loose now. To pull it over the ears, you may have to fold them inward or even slightly cut the hole wider.

Step 4: Removing Some Weight

The fur has been removed! It's considerably less creepy than a 98. But what now?

I do not have information yet on how to remove the faceplate, but there's still more we can do to lighten the load. First, you can remove the battery base by pulling out the metal rod holding it on. Second, unscrew the body and gut the thing, pulling out all the unnecessary gears and electronics to the best of your ability (again, sorry for lack of detail+pictures).

Your furb is now ready to become a whole new creature! Check out my tutorial on lengthing for tips on patterning and sewing the long body of your furb.