Introduction: Furnish Your Entire House for Free !

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couple days ago I came across with the pallets section on instructables. I was blown away. before I knew this site existed, when I lived somewhere else.... I actually had made bunch of wooden pallet designs, not taking many pictures during the process :( again, i didn't know.. so we will all have to just examine my pictures close up.

I have built all this furniture for my new apartment, they all are very handy, i still use them daily and I had received all the wood and the windows for free from ! amazing...

i also made a custom 3 piece guitar stand..!

feel free to steal from my designs, i believe that art is free, and therefore can not be stolen. if you are to sit down and listen to my music, my knowledge, my ideas, if you have the time for this, then it is yours, please by all means, share away !

Step 1:

Step 2: Lots of Cutting, Lots of Drilling

hello everybody,

it was my wife's idea, i just put it together. we found these windows and pallets on craigslist under the free stuff section. I didn't know about instructables yet, luckily I was able to recover these photos.

first photo is me designing the cage around the window, so the window sits still and flat on the surface. inside the frame kind of.

make it deep enough for storage and cover the bottom.

Step 3: Homemade Pizza Dough/pizza Break

vegan too !

making bread is extremely simple, we have been doing it for hundreds if not thousands of years by hand. by now it should be natural...

you take 3 cups of flour add in pinch salt, pinch sugar

add in 1 package active dry yeast (3 for 1$)

add in 1US Cup of water

mix by hand until it is a uniformed ball and not sticky, at first it will be extremely sticky, just work it in, you may need +50ml more of water (metric system this time, yes very specific right here)

when the ball is ready leave it in the mixing bowl covered with a damp towel on top for minimum 2 hours... you CAN cook this right now, but it will be very dense and not fluffy. it will still taste amazing, nothing wrong. but if you want it fluffy minimum 2 hours, if you want it sourdoug, you leave the top on sealed with ziploc for upto 1 week! yes 1 week, it literally gets sour :)

ok 2 weeks later or right now depending on your taste preference...

you preheat the oven to 450F, make sure it is upto temp. let your oven run 8-10 minutes on its own..

throw in the bread for 28-32 minutes

perfect everytime.

if you shaped it like a pizza , that's fine too, then you made pizza, it's all the same, it's dough.. you'll get it after about 30 times, homemade bread is incomparable at any level....

** I also put together a bench to take breaks, all this work isn't easy when you have no power cutters. all my designs were cut by hand with a saw

back to the shed...

Step 4: It Has Legs!

upside down, not too happy with the leg design, but it is sturdy.

add the hinges and the handles to the window, there you have it, open and close as you want, put things in it, use it as a display case at your local handmade jewelry store.. aka kitsch, norfolk, va


Step 5: Coffee Table

i had no pictures of the coffee table while i was making it, so i just took this pictures right now to show you some of the details.

the bottom shelf is my favorite part, my wife had paint left over from something else, no purchase needed for that either.

Step 6: Guitar Stand

this was something else i put together in the process of making everything else

again no building pictures, sorry. these pictures are just taken

Step 7: Conclusion

let's make a quick calculation here...

i have made a coffee table ~$250

a large end table ~$100

a 3 piece guitar stand ~60$

if i were to buy these for my new place i would have paid on average = $410

that's a lot of money considering that I still use all these items after 1 year now... just perfect !

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