Introduction: Furry Vest Made of a Cushion Cover

My first instructable 'Furry Vest made of a Cushion Cover'!

Why would you want to make that? My daughter loves summer, and skirts and shortsleeved shirts..and absolutely dislikes (thick) sweaters! So, part of the solution in our unpredictable dutch weather is wearing vests. When you're late with your fashion shopping, you'll noticed that you missed out on the good stuff and next season is already in the shops. Now it is spring and no, nowhere to be found, wintery warm vests. But I read that woman love cushion covers! So plenty of that for sale.

And so an instructable started...

Step 1: 10-Your Shopping List

Aafter you've decided you wanted to see my first instructable 'furry vest from a cushion cover''s what you need! Of course a very nice cushion cover. We choose a green furry cover, about 40x40cm. The fur is on both sides of the cover. Then we got some fabric for the inside.... While we are busy, let's make the vest double sided. Some treads, needle, pins and a good pair of scissors.

The shopping list:

  • cushion cover 40x40cm, but, depending on the size you want the vest to be
  • fabric lining
  • needles and pins
  • pair of scissors

Since all the items can be bought at any shop, no websites referring where to buy.

Step 2: 10-Cut the Front of the Vest

First we start with cutting one side of the cover in half.

Be aware of cutting just one side! Otherwise you will be fixing it doing some extra sewing. The zipper should be on the bottom.

Step 3: 10-Save the Zipper

Now cut out the zipper out of the cover.

You can save it for another project or you can re-use it on your vest making a pocket.

Step 4: 10: Sleeves!

Well, they are not really sleeves...but the oval shapes for the arms.

Cut them off, reminding to watch the shape of the vest, the opening is vertical, so cut the sleeves on the left and right side and make sure to bottom is open (that's where the zipper was).

Step 5: 10: the Right Shape?

This is how the vest is going to look like!

Maybe you can measure the armholes on your model, just to be sure it will fit.

Step 6: 10-Choosing the Fabric

We decided to make the vest a double sided one. One is the furry side and the other one is a simple fabric one. My model chose the greenish fabric with the lotus. Just lay your fur on the fabric and cut the shapes a bit larger than the fur.

Step 7: 10-Sewing Time!

Now it is time to take out your needle and tread. Sew all the fabric parts on the inside of the fur.

Step 8: 10-the Back

This step is like step 7/10; sew the fabric on the back of the fur and make sure to pay attention to any patterns! If you have a pattern in your fabric off course.

Step 9: 10-Almost Done!

Yes, almost done...if it went allright, your furry vest should look something like the picture.

Like I mentioned in step 8/10, pay attention to the pattern in your fabric...Well, I would have been nice if my pattern would be a 'whole' picture at the front, but unfortunately I forgot and now they are two separate parts. Okay, next time I will be aware of it.

Step 10: 10-Done!

Finally, you are done!

I forgot to take pictures of making the pocket with the zipper in progress, so I hope you can figure that one out yourself. Just make a horizontal cut, sew the zipper in place. Sew two identical pieces of fabric to each other, leaving one side open en sew it on the zipper.

My model also found a furry application of a flamingo she wanted on her vest.

Here's for my first tutorial! Hope it was helpful bringing up all new ideas of 'recycling' stuff to new stuff!