Introduction: FuryCool Noggin Wrap- Wrap Your Noggin in Style~

This instructable is for a classic fleece headband with a new and funky twist~ I made some of these for me and my 2 little girls and since then I have made at least 100 more on request from freinds family and even people in the grocery store and walmart. This is a very simple item to make and your sure to turn heads with it. You can make this item for any size head, kids, baby, and adults~

Step 1: Gather Materials~

For this project you will need a small amount of fleece (about 5 inches wide and 22 inches long, an equal cut of cotton, either flannel or regular cotton fabric, a 2 inch cut of velcro, thread and a sewing machine.  I have chosen a nice bright orange fleece and funky matching peace sign flannel fabric. Next we will prepare and cut.

Step 2: Cutting ~

I always lay my fleece out on my rotary cutter mat and use a rotary cutter because it makes a cleaner cut. For this project I find it best to cut the fleece along the less stretchy grain, To determine which way is less stretchy just hold the fabric and give it a good pull length wise and width wise, it is easy to tell which way is LESS stretchy.  It is also a good idea to measure the head of the lucky recipient of this fleece headband. A good rule of thumb for this item is the make the fabric 2 inches longer than the head measurement. So we will say we are working with a 20 inch head circumfrence so the final cuts of both fabics will be 22 inches long.

This is where you will need to use your own judgement in making the actual shape of the headband.I reccomend making a pattern from tissue paper or remnants, I used a peice of canvas so it would kind of stick to the fleece and stay when I rotary cut around it.  In the photo you will see the ear flaps have arrows on them to indicate that from top of the headband to the bottom of the earflap part should be about 4 inches. In the middle the width should be about 2 1/2 inches. There is a 1/4 seam figured into the construction of the headband.

Cutting the flannel- With the flannel fabric I reccomend using the stretchier grain, This way the finished product has some flexibility, but is not going to get stretched out in a permanent fashion.
Cut your FRONT peice of fabric to exactly match the fleece peice we cut first.

Next we sew....~

Step 3: Sewing the Headband~

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other it is now a good idea to press your fabrics, Use the iron on the flannel side with the fleece below it, This does two things... It irons out your kinks, but it also helps the fleece and flannel stick together a little bit and helps ensure a nice even fleece sewing experience.  TO THE SEWING MACHINE~

It is best to start sewing this item along the top straight line, Keep in mind you will need about a  4-5 inch hole to turn it inside out.  Using a quarter inch seam allowance sew completely around the head band save for 4-5 inches at the top in the middle as illustrated by the send photo.

Step 4: Trim Excess, Turn Inside Out~

This is always my favorite moment,(after trimming any excess) Turning the headband right side out... Make sure you push all the corners out completely. If you've followed all instructions you should be able to quickly press the fleece side of the headband and fold your 4-5 inch open spot inward for the topstitch. Here you will sew around the entire headband an 1/8 of an inch from the outer edge and close off the hole. And then you will need to simply sew on the velcro.

Step 5: Sewing on Velcro~

I always sew the soft velcro on first, and I sew it to the fleece side. Then I sew the prickly side to the outside or flannel part of the headband. WHY-?~ I recommend doing it this way so the prickly side is less able to come into contact with your hair and pull it.

Step 6: Finshed and WAAAYyyyy Cool FuryCool Noggin Wrap!

Now you can finally put it on your head, Where it belongs ;) The velcro adds the nice touch of being able to make it very snug or very loose. You can wear this under or over your hair.

About FuryCool- I sew my own handmade tags onto most of my items. I have branded these fleece headbands as FuryCool Noggin Wraps. I have never seen anyone else using cottons and fleece fabrics together, This is my own original idea, and I am pretty proud of that.

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