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Introduction: Fused Plastic Planters

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 This is an indistructable for how to make fused plastic planters,cups,bowls anything  you think would make a shape to fuse around.

The materials are 
- Plastic bags ( thicker bags work better)
- Iron
- shinny heat blanket
- sissors or a razor
- somthing to shape 

Step 1: Preperation of Bags

 First plug in your iron as it takes a while to get hot

Cut your bags in what ever shape is going to work for your form.
I cut square pieces out of the bag.
Take the shinny heating blanket and cut a size shape that is bigger by a few inches than your plastic sheets.

Next layout your bags ontop of eachother 
(I used 4 layers of plastic for the gold cups)

Take the piece of shinny heating blanket and pt ontop of your plastic.

Use your iron and heat the shinny heat blanket then peel off to have fused plastic

Step 2: Making the Plastic Form

 Take your plastic and an object whitch in my case was a wine botttle. 

Plase the bottle on your plastic then play with the folding techquniqe until your happy then apply the  shinny heat blanket on and fuse again 

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    star folder
    star folder

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Parchment paper also works to keep the plastic from sticking to the iron and form. It is easily manipulated, and doesn't easily rip, as does the mylar in the ER blanket.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I believe the shiny heat blanket is called a space blanket. though if that is what your using how does it not fuse with the rest of the plastic?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

     Ususaly i use tin foil but useing the emergency blanket was an idea i had for the inside of the pots. i tryed fusing it but after relized that it was peeling off so i used it again and again. it works great. Its the CAMP brand from dollarama