Introduction: Futuristic Necktie (hextie Inspired)

After seeing all the hextie trend posts on social media especially instagram, I'm really interested to get one but I find it a bit too pricey!

Kindly check: if you don't know what is that, well they are having sales now!
I decided to cut an inexpensive 'issey miyake' baobao inspired bag that I bought before and make it into this
DIY 'hextie' .

Step 1: Undo the Bag

Remove all the sewing inside out, unpick the stitched threads that join the zipper, lining and side of the pouch bag by using the threads unpicker, thread cutter or even a mini scissors (that you use to trim your facial hair or eyebrow) will help too! Do it patiently so you dont ruin the main material we need.

Once you done, you will get this flat piece of diamonds/geometry material to make the tie.

Step 2: Cut and Join

Find the longest side and cut it out in straight panel.
In this case, my material has no enough length (because it was a small bag), so I have to join it.

Measure the length you need, its good to leave it longer so you can trim it later.

The second row is for the another side (back), to be fold & glue later.
I find it easier to glue & fold a 1 panel piece than cutting it into 2 panels piece.

Join the mesh base with glue at behind to get the length.
When apply glue, try to stay in the triangles, since the material is mesh base, you dont want the glue to be seen or leak.

Step 3: The Neck Tie "knot"

Cut out one more bigger square panel, as in photo, align it perfectly on top of the last triangle, glue it.

Step 4: The Hidden Black Ribbon

I use ribbon to secure/wear it, (easiest way)
You have to measure your neck with the ribbon before you cut it, make sure you leave a length that is enough for you to knot it up at behind when you wear it.
( I suggest bow knot since it's easier to undo/remove after.)

After you cut it, fold it half to get the center, align it below the square center-line, glue it.

Apply some glue in between, fold down the square into a triangle. (the knot of a necktie)

Burn the edge of the ribbons to prevent it from fraying.

Step 5: Trim

Last but not least, try it on, get your desired length and trim it, the trim-off pointed edge will mimic a 'necktie' end.

Step 6: Flaunt It!

Here's the result! not bad huh?
That's me wearing my DIY 'hextie' to a local award event.

Please show me if you made it too!
Do follow/mention/tag me on instagram @alex_gun , if you don't mind, cheers!

I found some link that you can buy the bag/material:

I actually got mine at a local boutique, it is really cheap, cost me around $5.
so the total cost of this project: $8

Bag $5
Glue $2
Ribbon $1
Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour