Fuzzy Gauntlets




Introduction: Fuzzy Gauntlets

These gauntlets are perfect for Burning Man events or other wild parties. They are easy to make and infinately customizable.

List of Materials:
                                       Fake fur (any color you want, I got mine from a company called "Mendel's" fake furs online)
                                       Eyelets (I used 7/16" from the local fabric store)
                                       Fusable Interface (I used Pellon fusable featherweight from the fabric store)
                                                    This is used to keep the eyelets from tearing out of the fur.
                                       Ribbon or string (any color)
Tools needed:
                                       Eyelet setting tool (this usaly comes with the eyelets, but check the package to be sure you have the right size)
                                       Hot glue gun  (can anything be done without one of these?)
                                       Razor Knife
                                       Steam Iron

Step 1: Design

First step
Decide what size you want. Is it going to cover your whole forarm or is ti more of a bracelet? When you cut the fur I recomend looking at the grain of the fur to make sure it's goin the way you want. Leave room for the laces to show. Also you can use several different furs together. Use the razor to cut the fur, this way you get a better edge and the fur will hide the cut. Make sure you use something under the fur so you don't cut your table. Don't cut yourself these knives are dangerous

Step 2: Build Pattern

Second step
Using your iron attach the interface to the sides of the fur where you are going to put your eyelets. Mark where the eyelets are going. At this point I ran a bead of hot glue around the edge of the fur to keep it from shedding ,but  you can sew a border if you want. I also glued the green fur edge on to the zebra fur at this point.

Step 3: Measure Twice Cut Once.

Third step
Using care cut a small X with your knife where you want the eyelets to go. Don't make the hole too big, just big enough to fit the raised part of the eyelet through. Follow the instructions on the container to set the eyelets. This usually means using the tool provided and hammering the two pieces of the eyelet together. I hammered mine on concrete to get a good connection. Don't mash fingers with hammer.

Step 4: Color Choice

Fourth step
Run colored ribbon through eyelets (just like your shoelaces). Make sure you use enough ribbon to tie it onto your arm or leg. I like to leave extra ribbon dangling off the end.

Step 5:

Fith step
Tie it on and enjoy!

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    7 years ago

    Cool. You could do this with leather if your to manly for fur.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    interesting project not up my street but you have called them gauntlets(Armour gloves) when these are in fact vambraces (fore arm Armour)