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Gourdila brains with wart nuts will be the most popular dish served for Halloween 2010 according to surveys.  

Gourdila was an alien gourd witch,  until she met her untimely death.

Gourdila was hatched in Witchman, VA.

This instructable is how to make Gourdila brains with nut garish.  


I bought my gourd in New Mexico at a charity event and they got all their gourds at an Indian reservation.  

Ingredients are for 1 serving.  

1 Warty looking gourd.
1 Package of Raman noodles.
1 Green  food coloring.
1 Battery operated  pumpkin carving knife or small hack saw.
1 Red and 1 Black licorice for eyes and mouth.
1 sheet of black foam sheet for hat. (Optional. ) 
1 Plastic zip-lock  bag depending on the size of gourd you will be using for inside the gourd.
1 Small cup of chopped nuts as a garnish.
1 Custard cup.
1 Pair of scissors.
1 marker to mark gourd and craft foam.
Kayle opitional

I did not glue the embellishments to the gourd because I am using the gourd for a different purpose later.  

I don't feel a person would really need to glue them on,  unless they are making this for children.  


Isn't this the most beautiful gourd you have ever seen?  
I plan to dry mine and use it for a decorative bowl for many years.  

If you plan on making this dish,  I would go ahead and get your gourd and cut it and let it dry out for 3 days. 
Like pumpkins it has a smell and allowing it to air out will eliminate the smell totally!   

Gourds are very hard!  Be prepared to work a little for your efforts.  

I used a pumpkin carver but it was still very hard.  

I did great but was rather surprised even a battery operated carver was hard to cut through this baby.

The good news is all you need to carve is the top so the lid will come off.  

Cut the top of the gourd off, saving the lid.

Scrape out the inside until it is smooth.

Discard inside scrapings or . . . . 

If you have a garden area you might save the seeds for next year and plant them and have your own beautiful gourds!  

 After carving a gourd, I have decided unless I am making pies, I will be using gourds for Halloween decorations.  

Gourds are great about not getting spoiled and you can use them later as a decoration for many years.  

It was difficult to choose which one I liked best because they had bright reddish orange, striped yellow , very very warty looking ones, and green ones.  They also came in many different sizes!  


You will have a few days to work on the embellishments,  so you won't be rushed at the last minute.  

 I liked Gourdila without her hat the best.  

Cut out a triangle to fit the gourds face for a hat.  

Cut 2 small circles from the black licorice for eyes.

Cut 2 eye brows.  

I made some hair to go under the hat ( see picture)  optional.  Or you can use cabbage or Kayle.  

Cut one small mouth shape  from the red licorice for the mouth.  The shape and size depends on where the warts fall and how it will look.  


Insert the  a zip-lock bag into the gourd bottom.

Place nuts in a small custard dish.  

Have your embellishments ready.

Make the Ramen noodles according to the directions  but add the food coloring at the beginning before adding the Ramen.

Scoop out the Ramen and place it in the gourd.

Place the witches hat across the top and put the lid on.  ( Add the Kayle if using it for the hair. )

Embellish the lid with the eyes, mouth, hair, and eye brows.  

I did not add the juice to mine but you can if you like.  


When my grandson was younger he could eat Ramen noodles and cereal for every meal.  
I wished I had thought of this years ago, it might have been just the thing to make him not want to eat Ramen noodles again.  
No, probably not, he would be just the kid that would think it was totally awesome!  
Never the less I hope you have a great time grossing people out  for this Halloween!  


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