Introduction: GRILLED Cheese Sandwich

Had some leftovers from Thanksgiving I thought I would put to good use. Decided to fire up my grill and make some some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that live up to their name. No ovens or pans here. Just fire and good food!

Step 1: Pick Out Your Cheese

You can use just about whatever cheese your heart desires. I had already bought some Jalapeno Colby Jack cheese so that's what I used. It melts great and has a little kick to it.

Step 2: Everything You Will Need

Here are the things you will need to get together. You of course will need your cheese. I used some Texas toast bread that was already buttered. I also threw some leftover honey ham on one of these. This was purely optional but turned out great. You will need a metal spatula, some aluminum foil and of course a grill with charcoal. :)

Step 3: Making a Cheese Boat

Fold your aluminum foil around your spatula to make a boat. It doesn't have to be pretty just good and solid. I used heavy duty aluminum foil to keep cheese from burning.

FILL WITH CHEESE! I used about 4 slices per sandwich.

Step 4: Time to Put in Some Work

After your fire is good and hot, when the temp is holding steady at 300°F.

I put my cheese boat on first, cheese was starting to melt after about 1 minute.

I added the Texas toast and let it start to slightly crisp on each side.

I added the ham to one boat and left just cheese in the other boat.

Step 5: Adding the Goodies to the Bread

Pour your melted cheese on your bread

Step 6: Sandwich Complete

Add your top slice of bread and let it cook on each side for about 30 sec each side. Take off the grill, plate, and enjoy!

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