Introduction: GSM and Bluetooth Based Material Handling Robot

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“GSM (SMS) and Bluetooth Controlled Wireless Robot” is a robot which is capable of receiving a set of command/ instructions in the form of Short message service and performs the necessary actions. We will be using a dedicated modem/mobile at the receiver module i.e. with the robot it self and send the commands using SMS service as per the required actions.

This project describes a new economical solution of robot control systems. The presented robot control system can be used for different sophisticated robot applications. The control system consists of a GSM modem, a microcontroller that collects data from the modem and controls the robot.

Components Required :-

1.Arduino Mega

2.GSM Module(SIM900)

3.Arduino Uno R3

4.Power Supply (12 v)

5.Motor Driver ( L298N)

6.Motors (12 v DC)


8. Forklift

9. Wheels


11. LCD

12.HC-05 Bluetooth module

Step 1: Chasis Design


A 40x28x1 cm plywood sheet(you can make your own design/chassis)

4 motors (DC /12V)

Wheels(as per requirement).

Clamp it carefully as shown.

Then for forklift, use six bar mechanism or rack and pinion mechanism.I have made both but final project is with rack and pinion mechanism since it is the suitable for any design and easily available in the market.

Step 2: Connections

1N4007 Diodes are used to avoid the interference of two signals.

Step 3: Arduino 1 Code


Step 4: Arduino 2 Code

Step 5: Arduino Mega Code

Code for Arduino mega with which Arduino 1 and Arduino 2 are connected, as master slave connection.

Step 6: Android App

This app is built using MIT app inventor.

It has both the function, i.e., GSM as well as Bluetooth connection.

Here is the App.

Step 7: Working Video