Introduction: Tilt Your Phone, Control Your Robot

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Give direction to your robot with the help of your Android phone using its inbuilt gyro sensor.

Components required:



3.Motors (12V DC)

4.L298N/L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller module

5.Bluetooth Module(HC-05)

6.Arduino Uno R3

7.Connecting Wires

Step 1: Chassis Design

Design a chassis for your robot .

Here I am using a Lego chassis which is easily available in the market.

I have combined these two in order to make one chassis (just for design purpose).

Connect motors and wheels as shown or you can design according to your own choice.

Step 2: Connections

connect all the components according to the given diagram.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Step 4: Android App

The app is built using MIT app Inventor.

Step 5: Video