Introduction: Galapagos Tortoise

With this instructable I will show you how to create a Galapagos Tortoise with Tinkercad!

Step 1: Create the Body!

In this first step, we will start by making the turtle's body. For this we will use the figure called "half sphere". We will use this 2 times, once for the top and one for the bottom. We are going to place them in such a way that the lower half sphere is somewhat larger than the upper one so that the difference between the body and the shell is noted.

Step 2: Now the Head!

Now that we have made the body we will continue with the head of the turtle. We will use the piece known as "ball" We will place it in such a way that half of the figure is inside the body and the shell and the other half is outside. We will set the desired height and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Tortoise Legs!

The third step is quite simple since we will simply place the legs of the turtle. For this step, we will select the figure called "fin". This figure can be found in the character group. Once we have selected and created the first leg, we will rotate it enough so that it is in the respective position of one leg. We will move it and put it somewhat tucked between the shell and the body. In this way, we will do it 3 more times to complete the 4 legs.

Step 4: Eyes and Text!

This step will have two different actions. First we will make the eyes of the turtle, which we will elaborate with the figure "sphere". We will reduce it in size until it is like a small ball, which will represent the eye of the turtle. We will copy the element and put it once more to make the 2 eyes. On the other hand we will make the text that says Galapagos. This is simple since we will simply insert the element that says "text" in the section of texts and numbers, and there they will offer us an option to edit the text, and the color of the letter, in addition to its size and volume. We will edit it to taste, and we will fix it below the design as you can see in the photo.

Step 5: Colors!

And finally the last step to complete the design is to choose the colors we want for each element. I sincerely recommend using the ones shown in the model but it is your own decision. We will use a dark green for the turtle's fins, body and head. Then for the shell we will choose light green to highlight the difference between the elements. And finally the color of the text if it is totally personal. I made it red to highlight it over the design and also because it is the title. And that's how easy we have concluded with our design of the wonderful Galapagos tortoise.

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